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Man Overboard? Yes, there’s an app for that…

One of the main objectives of this blog is to share with you products that I find valuable to your safety and enjoyment on the water. One such product was developed by the safety and navigation experts at Weems & Plath. Man overboard technology is now in the palm of your hand with the new¬†CrewWatcher application and wearable beacon. It works like this: First, download the app on your phone. Second, ask crew members to wear a small beacon. That’s it. If your crew member should fall overboard, the beacon is activated and your smartphone will automatically produce an alarm, and the latitude and longitude of your overboard crew is recorded. Your smartphone will then guide you right back to the person in the water.

I first heard about this product through BoatU.S. Foundation. You can see the original article by clicking here.

Disclosure: I am not an affiliate marketer for this or any other product mentioned in my blog, and I receive $0 compensation if you choose to buy. But when I see something that can make you a safer boater, I will pass it along.

Wishing you fair winds and calm seas,

Capt. Frank