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Helpful Resources for the Local Mariner

Thank you for visiting our Resources Page. Below you will find four MUST HAVE APPS for boaters, in addition to other links and reading suggestions. We are committed to making sure the boaters who enjoy our waterways have the knowledge and the skill to do so safely. Part of that commitment is making sure important resources such as weather and navigation applications are available to you, in once central place. If there are other applications, books or resources that you feel should be a part of this page, please use the contact form and let us know.


NOAA Tides


US Coast Guard Rule Book

Aids to Navigation Book

Float Plans

Dark Sky

NOAA Marine Weather

US Coast Guard

NASBLA (National Association of State Boating Law Administrators)

CT Boaters Guide

Bowditch American Practical Navigator


Books to Read:

Chapman Piloting – Elbert S. Maloney

Eldridge Tide & Pilot  – Updated Annually

American Practical Navigator – Nathaniel Bowditch

How to Read a Nautical Chart – Nigel Calder

The Book of Navigation – Tim Bartlett

Inland & Coastal Navigation – David Burch